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*tap tap tap* This thing on?

Hello! The blog has been relocated from tumblr to my own host. This site is now generated by a static site generator called Pelican (hey guys, fix your SSL cert pls).

Why move? I chose tumblr because it was supposed to be simple and relieve me of the hassle of maintaining a server. However:

  • Maintaining a server is actually kind of fun, and I always have at least one somewhere. I’m pretty sure my inactivity is at least partly explained by how not fun it is to use tumblr.
  • It’s always a bit confining to be stuck on someone else’s platform.
  • It wouldn’t be easy to expand my site to have other pages, it’d always just be a blog.
  • Tumblr sent me this weird email.
  • The nail in the coffin: for some reason, Tumblr decided to serve an SSL certificate for on the SSL version of my site. I kid you not:
    Bad SSL cert

In 2016, there’s really no excuse for not doing SSL right. Thanks to the awesome work of the Let’s Encrypt team, it’s super easy to get a valid SSL certificate. It took me all of 5 minutes to get certificates for the two domains hosted on this server.

Why Pelican? I quickly skimmed the options that are out there and found Pelican had the features I like. Mainly, it supports themes, something Jekyll (the most popular option) does not. Pelican has rough edges and the documentation is frustratingly short on the most basic of details, but hey, it works! Many of the others looked less mature, or stagnant, or were built on node.js. :-/

Anyway, let’s not dwell on the negatives! On with the blogging!